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 Why beeing sponsor?

  • The Recruitment Day is the only french speaking event in the field


  • We had an average 90 attendees per event in 2015 and 2014

  • Our attendees are fully talent acquisition professionals


  • Can you afford not beeing here?

Our sponsorship packs

Promo pack
Action pack.
Share pack.
  • Your logo on the event brochure

  • Your flyer/doc distributed to the attendees




150 € VAT excl.

Same as "Promo" pack more:

  • One both (one table, 2 chairs, 3X2 m space).

  • Present in the meeting room

  • Visible as "sponsor".

  • Include 1 free entance.


300€ VAT excl. 

Same as "Action" pack more:

  • 2 presentations of 30 minutes to the attendees (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) in one of the 3 meeting room

  • Your are qualified as "Partner"


450€ VAT excl.



Of course

Contacts us @


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